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Fantasy Grounds launched on Steam - May 9, 2014

Fantasy Grounds went live on the largest distribution channel for PC, Mac and Linux games in the world. Steam claims over 65 million users worldwide and the launch was a smashing success for SmiteWorks. In the first month alone, Fantasy Grounds reached over 650K gamers - introducing them to great RPGs including Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, Castles & Crusades, RoleMaster Classic and Mutants & Masterminds.

Annual Report 2011

SmiteWorks believes in transparency with its user base and licensed publishers. The best way forward in the future is to have a clear grasp of where you are today and where you've come from. We are committed to growing the user base from 23,000 + licensed users and expanding online gaming in general.

For the full annual report, read here.

February 5, 2012

Green Ronin agrees to allow a licensed conversion for Mutants & Masterminds

Work has begun in earnest for M&M and we hope to release it Q1 2012. Green Ronin is a fantastic gaming company and the M&M product line is a great add for existing and new Fantasy Grounds users.

October 24, 2011

White Haired Man Bundles Adventure with Fantasy Grounds

Full and Ultimate licenses of Fantasy Grounds now come with a complimentary copy of White Haired Man's Well Met in Kith'takharos adventure. The product will also be provided free of charge to all current users who perform an update.

For the full release, read here.

January 21, 2011

Annual Report 2009

You can find the SmiteWorks USA, LLC annual report here.

January 7, 2010

Fantasy Grounds for Triple Ace Games Products

We are proud to announce that Triple Ace Games has entered into an agreement with SmiteWorks to allow the popular TAG product lines including Daring Tales, Sundered Skies and Hellfrost to be released for the virtual tabletop platform Fantasy Grounds.

SmiteWorks USA, LLC and Triple Ace Games have joined together to provide converted versions of their popular role-playing products for use in the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop. These products will greatly expand the product catalog for Fantasy Grounds and will allow its users to play a number of different adventures for Savage Worlds (copyright 2009 Pinnacle Entertainment Group) in an online virtual environment. Doug Davison, President of SmiteWorks, expects a steady release schedule, as they begin conversion of Triple Ace Games' extensive catalog.

Doug Davison says "I am very excited to be working with Triple Ace Games. Their product library is in high demand among our existing user base and the quality of their adventure modules and settings is top notch. This agreement is a win for everyone involved."

"It's fantastic to be working with SmiteWorks," wrote Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams, TAG's Creative Director. "Fantasy Grounds has broken down the barrier of remote gaming and opened up the world as a gaming table. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership."

About Triple Ace Games
Triple Ace Games was formed in 2008 and has quickly become renowned for producing quality products for the Savage Worlds RPG. The key creative team of Paul 'Wiggy' Wade-Williams and Robin Elliott have created an impressive list of RPG's including Hellfrost, Necropolis 2350 and Daring Tales of Adventure. With an innovative approach to digital releases, TAG has also produced over fifty ebooks in its first 12 months.

About SmiteWorks
SmiteWorks USA, LLC is best known for producing the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop application. There are currently more than 17,000 active licenses sold for Fantasy Grounds and there is a vibrant and active community at www.fantasygrounds.com. The Fantasy Grounds program provides a basic online role-playing framework, with both commercial and fan-made rulesets specific to a number of different role-playing games.

Check out the Fantasy Grounds website for more information - www.fantasygrounds.com

December 22, 2009

Digital Adventures Properties Sold to SmiteWorks USA

Effective November 1st, 2009 the Fantasy Grounds II intellectual properties of Digital Adventures, LLC are to be sold to SmiteWorks USA, LLC. This sale includes the license agreements held by Digital Adventures with Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Savage Worlds), Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu), Iron Crown Enterprises (RoleMaster), Troll Lord Games (Castles & Crusades), Malhavoc Press (Arcana Evolved), Fiery Dragon (Gaming Tokens), and other Digital Adventures properties and agreements which include The Complete SRD and the d20 Modern SRD Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds.

This transfer of ownership effectively brings all major Fantasy Grounds products under one roof. At this time this does not include the few d20 adventures sold for Fantasy Grounds by Digital Adventures, or the Savage Worlds Online Community (www.savageworldsonline.net). Digital Adventures itself is not going away, but won't be independently developing Fantasy Grounds products at this time as this sale is contingent on a non-compete clause. Future collaboration with SmiteWorks on Fantasy Grounds products is a possibility but nothing has been finalized.

This sale also includes the October 31st shutdown of the Digital Adventures Online Store and One Book Shelf account (RPGNow, DriveThruRPG), and those customers are to be transferred to the Fantasy Grounds Store and SmiteWorks' OBS account respectively.

November 1, 2009

Acquisition of SmiteWorks
SmiteWorks USA Inc. has today acquired SmiteWorks Ltd. This acquisition brings Fantasy Grounds closer to its largest group of customers and creates new opportunities for further growth. The new owners are committed to developing Fantasy Grounds even beyond while maintaining the high quality our customers have come to expect. More information is available on the Fantasy Grounds Forum.
October 15, 2009

Gen Con 2009
This year SmiteWorks will occupy booth #1807, where Digital Adventures, LLC shows our popular virtual tabletop gaming software. Popular RPG titles, including Call of Cthulhu, Rolemaster, Savage Worlds, and Castles & Crusades rulesets, settings, and adventures, are available as officially licensed Fantasy Grounds II publisher products. When the Con is over, the games must go on, and that's where we come in. Welcome to a demo and benefit from Gen Con discounts!
August 13, 2009

SmiteWorks at Gen Con 2008
SmiteWorks will again have a booth at Gen Con. Our staff will be showing Fantasy Grounds II and co-hosting two seminars: Using Virtual Gaming Table Software to Play RPGs Online and Fantasy Grounds 101. Come and visit us at booth 221.
August 11, 2008

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